+ Women in Finance Charter Pledge

In July 2018 Fintellect Recruitment signed the Women in Finance charter, and were the first recruitment company to do so.

‚ÄčThe Charter was¬†introduced by HM Treasury as a pledge for financial services firms to work together to create¬†greater gender balance in financial services.

‚ÄčPublished in March 2016, it commits firms to supporting the progression of women within the industry and commits its signatories to achieve a multitude of gender based targets.

‚ÄčAt Fintellect Recruitment we feel that as a recruiter to the financial services industry we are in a fantastic position to really help our fellow¬†signatories and future partners to achieve gender diversity within their workforce.

‚ÄčWe have set a number of numbers to ensure we can make as big of a difference as possible;


  • We aim to create gender diverse shortlists for all roles, with a minimum one of one female per role at interview.

  • We will promote Women in Finance amongst our clients and educate them on the approach many women take to looking for a new role, and how to adapt their interview process to support this.

  • We will aim to ensure that all female candidates placed by Fintellect with be paid fairly and in line with the salaries of their male counterparts.

  • We will empower women to seek and apply for roles that they previously did not think were applicable to them.¬†We will give them the courage through our support, passion and education of our clients to help them remove their glass umbrella and achieve their¬† goals.

  • Fintellect Recruitment will always maintain a minimum 50% female workforce as we develop as a business, to ensure we commit to uphold what we promote.